Emma Cullen

The Truth



To be quite honest, I’m not sure myself what "The Truth" means or what it's exactly about. It's based around a central idea of my perception of the world and myself in the world, like what is my real value and purpose, and not the fuzzy stuff Sunday school teachers tell you about how "we all have a purpose."


Because, do we? That's a big part of the song. It's ironic at the same time - I’m singing about such big concepts, but still asking myself how "worldly" can I be since ”I’ve only been here for 14" (I was 14 when I wrote the song.) This is all coming from a very narrow mindset and perspective; just a teen girl in the suburbs trying to figure things out so I can get some sleep at night. Often times in the studio David would joke a bunch about how depressing the song is, and maybe it is a little bit. Or a lot.


But trying to piece together the universe is very depressing stuff, trust me, much less where you and your little body stand in this all. I think the meaning of "The Truth" is up to you, the listener, to decide. Though I can't even figure it out and I wrote the thing.   It was fun working with David on my song and I'm happy with the sound he helped to create.  Hope you enjoy!


- Emma Cullen