Say La Vie

To start, when I wrote “Say la Vie”, I was too French incompetent to realize that that was not how you spelled 'C'est la Vie', even after 2 years of French. However, when it came to publicizing my second single, I found the misprint iconic and decided to keep it in Franglais.


The inspiration for this song was actually out of complete anxiety to write a song.  David wanted to make a demo of 4 songs and I was one short.  Being the procrastinator that I am and always will be, I had one day to write something good. So I composed myself and decided I was going to use a recent end to a relationship, really more of a 'thing' as my muse. And so back and forth my sister and I shot lyric ideas to each other, except her major contribution was really giving me terrible ideas and I making them better. It took me two hours to write this song, probably a personal record!


My experience in the studio with “Say la Vie” was probably my favorite so far, especially working with guitarist Randy Bowland, who I still keep in touch with. I love incorporating other ethnic styles in my music and Randy's Latin guitar really enhanced the euro/Latino/jazz vibe of the track.


- Aubreylyn