Beyond Eden


I got the idea for “Murderer” because of things that I have experienced firsthand that I think everybody has experienced at some point in time. The song is about betrayal and all the feelings that brings. I think every woman has gone through at one point in time or another as well as men, you know, they've all gone through being betrayed by somebody whether it's a big betrayal or small. It's something everyone can relate to on some level.


The songwriting process for me is personal. I like to write about things that I've experienced - things that paint a picture and relate to people because that's what storytelling is. It's emotion on the deepest level. When you think of the songs that you love songs that you really, really love it's because you can relate to them. And it's because you relate to them on the emotional level. This song in particular is about being angry and being upset. The words ‘killing our love tonight’ are so powerful, and that really spoke to me and stood out to me.


We began recording the song I think in March 2014.  We had been tracking and editing the song for a couple of months before that but we began recording in March.  Dave makes it's a liberating experience on so many levels.  He brings out the best in the song and what's good for the song as well as for the band. He pushes us to be our best and pushes us to step out of the box and try different and new things.


I think the funniest thing that happened while we were recording (and this just goes to show that comfort level between all of us): he got Mark on the phone and started just messing with him saying “Yeah the drum track on the song sounds really good, it's going to be a really good template for when we bring the real guy in," and Mark just laughed at him and said that he was crying watching Barbra Streisand. I took a video of that, thank God, because it was hilarious! But that's how it is in the studio. It's really laid-back and we really get a lot done because we're all really comfortable with each other. There's so many funny moments that happened in the studio with all of us messing around and just having a good time doing what we're doing.


This song is the best yet and I hope that it speaks to people.


- Jennifer Miklus