Black Rue

Last Chance


This is one of those songs that just came to me.  Sometimes I will labor over a song for weeks and others for years still not finished but sometimes they just flow and you wonder where that came from. This is one of those. Sitting in the garage I had the music and words down in about 15 minutes and was ready to  play it for the first person I saw.


I had come home from work early for the purpose of practicing my guitar and to work on new ideas. The band was coming over later that night for a practice and the guitarist that we had at time had come over about an hour early. I played the song for him. He loved it and began working out his own guitar parts in the song but he didn’t get it.


I’m not sure how to continue but for the first 2 years of this band I almost lost my mind. Brianna and Blaine were not part of BlackRue then. Matt had only been playing for 9 months or so and the rest of the band at the time and were not sure what to do.


Most of the skilled players in my area didn’t want to go down the original road and the ones I found who did, you couldn’t count on so I tried a different strategy (which ended up paying off).  Practice at my place and weed through musicians until we found the right people.

 What was interesting to me is that the egos of the beginners would sometimes match the egos of the skilled players that I’ve performed with. This was an entirely new experience for me but for the love of music I figured those who couldn’t handle this train would fall off…and they did.


When we found Brianna things improved dramatically as the tempos were steady and she felt the changes. I convinced another guitarist to join the band and at this point I introduced everyone to David Ivory. It was now or never.


When you work with a real producer you find out what you’re made of. The strong survive. We found ourselves replacing both guitarists. That’s when we found Blaine.


Before we started working with David it was tough for me to play “Last Chance” or any of the originals with the band.  David forced the click track on the band and forced everyone to think a certain way as far as how to work for the benefit of the song. Trying different arrangements and experimentation were finally happening.    If The David Ivory Boot Camp wasn’t going to work for this band, then nothing would.  Even though the story line of the song has nothing to do with what I described, the title fits!


- Buck Reed