Strange Karma

Devil From The Moon

"Devil From The Moon" started its life as a couple of reckless riffs I'd been kicking around on my acoustic.  Initially, the main riff was a slow finger picking kinda feel (which I ultimately kept for the solo break) to give the song some mood. I knew I had something good going on. I remember running downstairs to give Martin a listen and he instantly felt the vibe. 'This will be big bro’ he said, so we worked on it and made it BIG. When we first jammed it, Martin came out with the lyric ‘devil from the moon’.  This lyric set up the feel and direction of the song, and Jason's percussion lit a fire right under it and the song turned into a monster – that's how the magic started.


Martin's approach to the song was to give it the kind of attitude that demands attention and brings it to life. The first verse of 'devil from the moon - grab the stars give them all to you’ sets the tone of the classic ‘sell your soul to the devil’ story. It also has subtle hints of the struggle for success (‘running to nowhere’).  I believe Martin did a great job with the lyrics by carefully leaving them open to interpretation and creating the ability to take listeners on a unique journey every time they listen to it.


Looking back, it's funny to think that although "Devil From The Moon" was on our short list for the album, it certainly wasn't a contender to be a single. We put it to the side to work on what we believed were contenders for the singles - even David thought this was just an album track only. It was only after we started recording it that it started to really stand out.  By the end of the recording, we all realized that "Devil From The Moon" was a song that really grabs you by the balls right from the start, takes you on a journey, and then violently spits you out. It's a perfect introduction to the album and a worthy lead single.


- Paul Strange