Jordan White

Crazy Girl

"I love music and lyrics because people can have so many interpretations of it.  The story of writing "CrazyGirl" has those elements as well.  I was playing a show a few years ago and after my set I went to hang at the bar and felt a little tap on my shoulder.  I turned around to see this beautiful girl standing there, she worked there and wanted to talk to me.  I was stunned at her beauty.  It takes a lot for me to shut my big mouth, but looking at her sure did.  She confessed she had wanted to talk to me all night but couldn't figure out what to say, which is ironic because we ended up talking for a couple hours.  We decided to get together after her shift and although we discussed so much, we didn't talk about *everything* because when I walked in her front door, I heard a baby crying.  She told me she lived with a roommate but she never mentioned anything about a baby, so I was confused until she said "oh that's my daughter" and rushed away to a bedroom.  I didn't have a clue what was going on.  Well, it turned out she had left out a few things during our conversation; that she had been married, was divorced, and had an infant daughter.  It would have been fine with me, you know we all have a past, but I just couldn't understand how such a major subject didn't come up earlier.  Maybe she wasn't ready to tell me, I don't know.  Anyways this should have been my first warning sign but I was a 24-year old single guy, and she was a gorgeous girl who seemed to like me so I brushed it off.  Things went well for a couple weeks and I really liked her, then it just tanked.  Tanked incredibly and got out of hand.  Police being called, people fighting, and since I was the guy she was with I got pulled in the middle of it.  She was a lot of fun but had the worst type of personality for a guy like me, she wasn't doing it on purpose but when I was around her, all my insecurities and issues just got worse, and I knew it, but I couldn't help it.  I had to be with her.  So "Crazy Girl" became a song about getting involved with someone who is totally wrong for you, and you know it.  What's funny is I wrote this song really for myself, hiding under the piano one night we were supposed to hang out but she had ditched me again.  I didn't intend to play it out because I thought girls would be offended because the girl I'm singing about in the song is pretty messed up.  She's addicted and wild with no care about tomorrow or who she hurts, but I found out girls LOVED the song, and guys have been there.  People kept asking me to play it and wanted me to record it and put it a CD.  It went as far as me playing "Crazy Girl" on a bunch of live TV shows.  Sometimes people will ask me who the "Crazy Girl" is, but in the end it really doesn't matter because the song is about how YOU deal with it, the battle between the logical and the emotional sides within.


A few years later I was in the studio playing Dave potential songs to record and I started playing "Crazy Girl" and he stopped me and said "this is the one we should record."  It's been a fantastic process recording music with someone so creative, respected and motivated as David Ivory.  He knows what sounds good and what doesn't.  The day we finished recording, this incredible thunderstorm hit as I was driving to the studio.  A tree fell in front of me, hail was bouncing off the hood of my car and the road I always took there had washed away.  At the time I was horrified but now looking back, it makes perfect sense it happened that way.  I had to go through a difficult situation to write "Crazy Girl" but I'll always have that song to remind me that I made it through, and I wouldn't change a thing."



- Jordan White